All these Highs and Lows

If you are thinking of holidaying in Ireland this year, I can’t recommend the Dingle Peninsula enough. Even if scenery isn’t your thing then it’s worth heading down there for the shopping. Maybe it’s the beauty of the local area but the whole place seems to be spilling over with creativity, and not just in design. There are many fantastic artisan food producers as well.

My two favourites are “On the wild side” from Kilcummin outside Castlegregory on the Dingle peninsula, I know their smoked salmon very well from their stall in the Milk Market here in Limerick, but they do fantastic chorizo and pickled seaweed also. Unfortunately I can’t find a website for them. You can’t mention Dingle without the ever popular Murphy’s Ice-cream Popular for a reason, by the way, a very yummy reason. They not only have a website, but they also have a fantastic blog.

So if you can tear yourself away from the food for long enough here are some shops that you should check out.

Kathleen McAuliffe designs and hand makes hats, accessories and jewellery, which can all be found in her store on Main Street Dingle. She also carries a complimentary collection of accessories and clothing from the likes of Philip Treacy and Orla Kiely. I visited her shop the last time I was in Dingle and had to be dragged out of the shop kicking and screaming. Sobs of “but I want it” could be heard all the way home in the car. Anyway, if like me, visiting the shop might be too much for you, try browsing on the website instead, just hide your credit card first.

More beautiful jewellery from Brian de Staic who can be found on Green Street, Dingle. My favourites from the website are on the expensive side but they also carry a range of more affordable pieces, like the ogham range.

Here are the “less affordable but so pretty” items on my wishlist.

And if you fancy purchasing something beautiful for your home (or for someone else’s home) you should visit Louis Mulcahys. Louis has his pottery workshop near Clogher beach just outside Ballyferriter and his wife’s weavings can be found at her shop on Main Street in Dingle Town.

These conical ceiling lamps are a personal favourite of mine

along with these tea pots

You can find these tea pots in the brown and blue ranges in Carraig Donn at the moment for half price. Rumour has it those lines are being discontinued.
From Lisbeths collection I am seriously coveting her Alpaca throw in white.

Also, check out Kieren’s blog Ice-Cream Ireland he has details of the Dingle Food and Wine Festival which is being held October 10th to 12th 2008.

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7 Responses to All these Highs and Lows

  1. Mary T says:

    I was reading through the post thinking “What about Louis Mulcahy?! Don’t forget Louis Mulcahy!” Then I scrolled down… why did I doubt you! Was in his workshop last year, if he was looking for inspiration then he picked the perfect spot, it’s so so beautiful and rugged there. That food and wine festival looks good!

  2. Maz says:

    Yeah, we’re definitely going to head down for that. M’s parents heard from the locals that it was great last year.

  3. Maureen says:

    My granny would love some of that stuff, I will definitely take a trip down there before her upcoming birthday (and get some of that ice cream you mentioned for myself!). Thanks!

  4. jen says:

    I have that very LM teapot in blue 🙂 It’s really got its own personality – love it!

    And my friend Kate has asked for some Louis Mulchahy as a wedding present, so that means we’ll just have to trek down there for a look-see (much better range there than in the Dublin shop). Tough job but someone’s got to do it!

  5. Maz says:

    Maureen, the shops featured above have something for everyone, Kathleen’s stuff ranges from very funky and young to the hat’s featured above which are a bit more conservative. Brian de Staic is the same, nearly everything in his collections can be bought in silver or gold.

    Jen, we’re are spoilt really because M’s parents have a holiday home near enough to Louis Mulcahy’s workshop, you have to pass it to get to their favourite beach. Perfect day for me down there, is Coomenole with a book, Cruzers (sp?) for a Pint and a pack of Tayto and then a visit to Louis Mulcahy.

  6. jacinta says:

    I love that tea pot. What other colours is it available in?

  7. Maz says:

    HI Jacinta, from what I remember from the Workshop, that design has been available in nearly all the collections over the years. I’ve seen it in, Blue, White and a Greeny colour, but as far as I know he is bringing out a lot of new collections this year so the website might not be as up to date as I’d like. You’ll just have to take a trip down there to find out for sure 😉

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